Not just a hostel but a true Bangkok’s oasis where travellers feels at home.

The Som(s) Co-founders

We’ve been friends for 17 years at university. We started a previous business together, the clothes shop.

In 2014 May, we registered to ‘local experience tour’ website to invite travelers come to our home, cook and dinner together. And some of them asked to stay with us except dinner, we were curious ‘why did they want to stay with us?’ They said they want a place make them feel comfortable and someone who they can laugh with. And we say ‘yes’ They stayed in our home even we were not a hotel. We were very passionate with hospitality, we felt touch with them.

I (Little Som) quit my in 2014 to start our hostel. We never stay in another hostel before, when we designed we only think about how to do a comfortable place for someone like us and take care of them as our family. Yard doesn’t only means a green space. Bigger thing is ‘Yard’ in Thai means family.Our believe is all of us are family. We had a dream from day one to go to London by the train and visit everyone we met at The Yard. It’s like a ‘Family visit’ trip. Since then, The Yard has more than 70,000 guests from 50 countries. It’s means The Yard family is bigger and bigger.

Ohh! Don’t forget another family member, ‘our grandchild’, people who are living in this planet in future. We took our impact on the environment when we design and manage because we love to forward our good planet to our grandchild.

Big & Little Som of the Yard
(pronounce "Yard")


Cooking for travelers at our home!
Our first time hosting guests. We cooked for and hosted hosted foreigners in our home on the 'Withlocals' online experience.
16 May
2014 July 27th: We found this land at night and dark, nothing on this street
Found the Yard's Hostel location!
Late at night after our previous work, we found the land and front home. We knew right away when we see the space, this is it! The Yard will live here!
27 Jul
Installing the first containers! the yard hostel bangkok
Installing the containers
Installing the first containers!
21 Nov
Installed trees to bring nature back to the concrete jungle.
We hired big crane to deliver large trees to help our oasis in city dream grow!
9 Jan
Our first ever guest, Willy!
28 Jan
Paper Butter joins the Front Yard community.
14 Jul
Our first day trip excursion.
Taking our guest in a Tuk Tuk to local village for excursion 🛺
24 May
yard private lofts
Built the Yard Private Lofts.
20 Oct
 Kutte (Japanese restaurant) Join our space
Kutte joins the Front Yard community.
1 Mar
PM Cafe join our space
PM Cafe joins the Front Yard community.
15 Jul
Thailand closes borders to tourist, all our guest check out.
One of the saddest days in Yard life. We did not know the next time you come back. Over 60% of hostels closed permanently during COVID.
24 Mar
The Yard Hostel Grocery Opens
Open Farm-to-Neighbor Grocery Store.
Our first COVID-time business, fresh groceries from local farms to neighbors via red delivery truck.
1 Apr
BBQ pop-up business in the Back Yard.
One of our neighbor, Gabi booked for her hiking friends. After that another neighbors continue support us with private BBQ parties.
24 Jun
Nails in The Yard joins the Front Yard community.
Nails in the Yard nail salon joins the Front Yard community
1 Oct
Convert dorm rooms into co-working offices.
During COVID, we create business model to allows neighbors to rent out hostel rooms as office spaces while travel to Thailand was still closed (COVID time)
1 Nov

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